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In reviewing the privacy policy and user terms and agreement, you are advised to adhere that these clauses only apply to the regulated services provided to you by Reliance-Deck, Ltd and do not apply to services provided to you by any other body if there are further concerns contact our help center for instant assistance.



Reliance Deck services are available to everyone (18+) without restriction to the information you want to obtain. Our project results have been reviewed to be constantly true, accurate, and complete, we do not withhold any information that is gathered from customer service. 

Reliance deck has undertaken an oath to promptly notify and provide our clients with the correct and accurate information we obtain from projects with every detail. Inaccurate or incomplete information will not be sent to any customer from reliancedeck at any point in time. We may also provide additional documents, records, and information logs in certain cases.


You authorize us to inquire directly or use third parties to attain necessary information as long as it protects our client’s identity at all times and other financial details of payment for services and to take action we deem necessary based on the results of such inquiry.

Check our operations for services you may desire  Subsequently, we may require some amount of time after payment of service is confirmed before permitting an operator to engage your query.


In any case, where an authorized, incomplete or unsatisfied transaction occurs as a failure to produce results, we will refund a minimum of 70% for such cases no later than 24 hours after a complaint is made.


We treat our clients’ information following our data protection policy. It is your responsibility to handle your electronic device through which you access reliance deck service within the period of service with thorough care which includes avoiding loss of device, theft, or misuse and ensuring encryption and password protection. 

We are responsible to keep security on high at our end making sure there are no leaked data on the target’s device background.


We may require you to provide information, and records or arrange for meetings with staff if your request is very delicate (“Our Enhanced Due Diligence”) and also reserve the right to charge you the cost and fees associated with such services. 

If we have intended to do so, you will be notified in advance so that you may be able to decide whether you wish to proceed with the request. Using our discretion, we may also refuse to grant a meeting or schedule for a different date if you meet due diligence. 

WEBSITE ACCURACY and privacy policy

To continue to provide you with complete and accurate information as possible, information may be permitted by the applicable law to be changed or updated from time to time without notice including without limitation information regarding our policies, products, and services. 

Accordingly, you should verify all information on our website before relying on it and your decisions should be made solely based on the information gathered on our website. You own the sole responsibility and liability for the outcome. You can contact support for more information.


  • We may refuse to complete, block, hold or cancel a service you have paid for if your query is identified to be a threat to the governmental body, financial institutions, or educational board for reasons that may be reserved by us including providing limited details.
  • We could reasonably believe that we need to do so to protect our reputation, court regulation, and other higher authority to which we are subject in the jurisdiction or we suspect a breach of an agreement.
  • If you have a dispute with any of our staff, agents, or operator outside our website, you agree that neither we nor our affiliates, service providers, joint stakeholders, employees, and representatives will be liable for any claims, demands, or damages of any kind or nature arising out of or in any way connected with