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Our mode of operation is open and swift. We leave zero traces behind ensuring complete anonymity for all our clients.

operation overview

Our methods have been proven secure and reliable. All data is encrypted and protected. Only you can access it. Our work is always in background mode but the app is not visible on the target device. Affordable solutions with a multilingual support team that has your back 24/7. Installation is easy with remote monitoring. It takes less than 10 minutes to install. The app is not visible on the target device. Our requirements are flexible, compatibility range is wide and we have an around the clock support system.

SCOPE OF our involvement






Our team of expert hackers are always on deck to go the height just to provide results within the shortest possible time.


We attend to every customer with the same level of intend to assist regardless of the volume of your concern.


Just like our name and our mode of operation, our service is second to none. We do not manage resources to get jobs done.


You have reserved rights to advance complains to higher body, in a case of compromise, we guarantee full confidentiality.


We do not alter customers data for any reason whatsoever. The data we provide is always complete, accurate and secure.


Our response team always have their hands on deck (live chat, email, text) to listen and further your complains to experts.


We always have someone to listen and take care of your needs, questions and complains.


Nothing but the best is what you should always expect from any of Reliancedeck staffs.


There are actually very powerful spy apps that can allow you to monitor text messages and stay on top of all conversations. You might want to hack text messages to keep a check on your kids’ activities online, your partner, workers, and others. This might be required if your kid won’t speak or seems worried, or you are suspicious of your partners or workers. Try initiating a dialogue but nothing seems to work, monitoring their phones can provide answers. How is this done? We make use of the most important spy and phone monitoring apps, supported both on Android and iOS. Reliance-Deck Spyiance is one of the most successfully tested powerful phone monitoring solutions out there. You can use Spyiance to track text messages on both Android and iOS devices. It’s a no root and jailbreaking solution: if you have a target Android device, there’s no need to root it first. Similarly, there is no need to jailbreak an iPhone to use Spyiance. This is one of the greatest features of the software. You will find out many more. Spy apps do not function without rooting or jailbreaking which makes the use of the app complex. Spyiance makes it super simple! Another great thing about Spyiance is that there is no need to install Spyiance on an iOS device. You just need to know the iCloud credentials of the device. All monitoring can be done remotely.

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